Wellness Wednesday: 4 natural ways to release negative emotions

There are times when we all feel sad, angry or frustrated these are natural and healthy emotions if handled and released properly. Reacting or acting out improperly can exacerbate our problems, but finding a proper release can help us cope and hopefully make our situations a bit better.

"We need to express, release, or detox our negative emotions or they will build up and block us from enjoying our present, being productive, and reaching our goals.

When we release these emotions we free up space and energy for joy, peace, happiness, fulfilment and much more!

The next time you're feeling upset, frustrated, first take the time to acknowledge them, except them, connect the feeling/emotion to the cause, and try these quick tips:

Breathe Deeply

Take slow deep breaths... take in the emotion (breathe in), release the negative emotion (breathe out). Repeat. Set a timer practice 3-5 minutes.


A great sweat session gets you blood pumping, heart rate up a nd allows a sweaty release of emotions. It also helps relax those stiff muscle in the neck and shoulder caused by negative emotions.

Spend a little time in nature