Do we Inherit our Parents Fear & Phobia's???

Updated: Aug 7

Yes! 3 ways to avoid/overcome them and not pass them on!





Thank you mom & dad for my long legs, kinky hair, beautiful complexion and oh the reason I Fear of jumping into or even swimming in deep waters!

There were so many reason why I never took that trip to the lake with my friends in high school, took that boat ride or even kayaked until I was well into my adult life. Among the thoughts of not knowing what's beneath me, thoughts of being eaten by a shark I was terrified. Is this possible because as a young child my mother would never allow it, was totally afraid and never attempted to challenge me to try it!

Yep! Her/their fear spilled into to me. And I allowed it to spill into my son... But I challenged him to overcome. Here's How you can too!!

Tip #1 - Drop some logic...

Fear in and of itself is not harmful. Is actually a survival tool. It tells you body how to respond to threats. The overreaction to said fears is what can cause harm or cause you to not live life to the fullest. Like snorkeling with a life jacket and you begin overreacting to the depth of the water. Calm down you're floating... You're okay! Take a deep breath and introduce rational thoughts. Say " I have on a life jacket, I taken tons of swim lessons. I've got this!

Tip #2 - Don't make it (fear) a thing.

Ok! So you've mastered rational thinking. Share it with your kiddos. Be open and honest about how some fears may not be realistic and may even be a bit silly. Make a plan for yourself so when presented with a situation that makes you feel uneasy you can and will be prepared to react appropriately.

Try a mantra, counting backwards, or just 4 deep inhale/exhales.

"This is a comforting reminder that everybody is just as scared of you about the unknown. We all have this fear. But you get to choose whether you’re going to let this fear hold you back, or whether you’re going to run toward it"