Coffee in the Morning!?( But... Miguels version "F'n in the morning")

Updated: Jul 24





OOOOOOOoooooo I made ya look didn't I! 63 percent of woman admitted to never having morning sex... SAY WHATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

If the term morning sex sounds like an oxymoron, no offense but you're in need of a WAKE-UP call!

Most couples habitually have sex at night because it tends to be most convenient. But our bodies are actually prone to have stronger orgasms in the morning. BOOOM mind =blown. The morning brings surges of testosterones to both men and woman, increasing libido and heightening genital sensitivity. Particularly the strength of the erection. (I know ya'll seen that morning woody)

There are many perks to the early morning romp...

Stress relief

Energy Boost

Mood enhancer

A great way to have a happier, calmer day!

I know mornings are not always sexy or convenient!

Here's a few tips to get that Coffee (wink, wink) in the morning!

Tip #1 - Make it a Quickie

Quickies allow for creativity, spontaneity & re-energizes your sex life!

Make it a challenge or a competition. I'm not giving out any ideas on that. I think you can handle this one.