I did this for a week... And! Here's what happened:

Updated: Jul 12

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So....... Fun Fact I never exercised... like for fun, like outside of the mandatory Physical torture of PE in middle school. Not until I was the tender age of 26! (I tried track once for like a day LOL and didn't like it!)

At this point! I found myself with a new man, in a new town, with about 15 pounds of "love weight". With little money, no knowledge of exercise, zero friends, and no idea of what a gym membership was or looked like. I was in search of something to get my body moving. Something simple. Something that my dense (meaning lack of knowledge) ass could get, do, acclimate and implement into my life pronto

( like really quick). So... You can probably guess what I did next???!!!! I bought a pair of NIKE'S. This time they were Not for leisure, looks or casualty... They were for running.

This my friend is that Pivotal moment that I Sondra! Became a Runner!!! Yeah BOIIIIII!!!

Fast forward>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I quickly discovered the gym! Made friends, discovered Yoga, strength training, HIIT etc... And running the idea, the concept of hitting the pavement. Quickly faded.

And just like that I was back at square one. Running endurance GONE....

I wanted it back. So here's what I did! For a week... 7 whole days...

I did interval training on the treadmill!

And here's what happened.

Day 1 - I was Barely able to finish....

Oh my It felt like my heart was going to explode. I couldn't breath, and damn near fell off the treadmill! It was Brutal. But I finished it!

Benefits of cardio:

Improve Heart Health

Increase Metabolism