5 Of My Favorite Healthy Snack

  1. Portion Control- Don't take the whole box or bag of snack with you and snack while bingeing your new favorite show. Check the serving size and practice healthy servings and portion control.

  2. Read the Labels- aim for a snack ranging between 100-150 calories per serving.

  3. Watch for sugar - Aim for a snack with either natural sugar i/e fruits or sugars grams between 1-10.

  4. Keep it Fresh- the best snack is the freshest snack, aim for raw nuts, fruits & veggies (skip the ranch)

  5. Watch the Sodium- If weight loss is the goal sodium increase bloat and can be the main cause for water weight gain.

Let the snacking begin.....

Blueberries- These compact, pop-able delicious and fresh berries are full of flavor, vitamin c, and fiber for a naturally sweet, low calorie snack. 1 cup of blueberries amounts to just 85-calories

  • Grapefruit- This tangy quite bitter fruit is filled with fiber and antioxidants. It has natural fat burner qualities and its fiber-rich content makes you feel fuller longer. 1/2 a slice is about 52 calories. I like to sprinkle cinnamon on mine.